29 Nov 2012

FASHION FEAUTURE:- Erykah Achebe's Style Blog

marvin saidi | 07:00 |

My fellow Fashion bloggers this week is all about trying so hard to find out about other bloggers and bring them to the lime light through my one and only site, anyhu without further or do today my first Blogger from Africa but currently lives in Texas is Miss Helene who recommended this style blog to me, and I am so glad she did, as Erykah Achebe's blog is stunning! Erykah lives in Dallas, Texas, and she knows how to dress with style and rock some great tribal print combinations perfectly without forcing/sweating it hard and making her look as if she tried so hard like some women/ladies around/across the globe................
Her taste is fab and her pics just look so fashionable,let me not talk much  but see for yourself!

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