16 Nov 2012

GUEST BLOGGER:- AUDREY- RE-STYLE YOUR DENIM (http://inches2style.blogspot.com )

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Yeah! Yeah! i know and we both know (you and me) It’s been a long, long time before i posted anything here, but it’s finally here  again im back!i was totally caught up trying to make ends meet and of-course look for awesome new Guest fashion bloggers and that is why today i bring to you the awesome, beautiful Audrey Masista of http://inches2style.blogspot.com  she has style and i had to confront here to make an appearance in CHULALA FASHIONS ,Anyhu with less talking here is what she had for you.......


When you think of denim be they jackets, trousers, skirts, overalls or dresses what comes to mind? Picture movies that have miners, what do they wear? Believe it or not, denim was originally meant for the workplace. It’s strong, durable fabric acted like a protective shield from harsh elements. Then companies like Levi Strauss came about and denim became a major fashion statement.
Denim can be found in different colors with evolving styles. We wore denim jackets in the 90s and early 2000s but now they have been reinvented into a slimmer fit and made a little shorter, more like a cropped jacket. They are now more stylish and allow for a wider variety of styling options. 

An easy way to update your denim jacket is to wear it with styles that are currently in fashion for example maxi dresses and maxi skirts, high-low skirts or dresses, denim on denim, with lace, neon or printed pants etc.
Style Options 

1.       With a maxi dress or maxi skirt to bring out the boho girl in you. I chose this yellow maxi because the bright colour really updates the denim jacket

2.       With a pair of cropped pants, vest and ballet flats. This is a cute comfy outfit that can be worn for running errands. I’d choose this look for a day when I don’t want my clothing to bug me by getting in the way.
3.       Wearing a denim jacket with a cute dress and some flats or wedges adds a level of toughness to an otherwise girly look.
4.       For a day when going for a sporting event or a show in a park I’d wear canvas shoes (who wants to go digging holes in the ground with their prized heels), skinny jeans, a cute t-shirt and denim jacket.
5.       For an on trend look, I chose to wear my denim jacket with a skirt, cute top, tights  and chunky heeled boots.
Celebrities in Denim

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