28 Nov 2012

FASHION:- DELLA (carry change)

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So I'm sorta a music slut, today I'm in love with Davido, tomorrow Elani music and the list goes on and on. So in this gorgeous month of Early dec, 2012, my heart has found shelter in the loving arms of an awesome brother called Makadem.
His music takes me so many different but very lovable forms; "quirky, emotional and even playful, his beautifully scented vocal chords will take you" *no HOmo*
Anyhu back to matters of the heart, Body and soul FASHION-ED, so today im going to inform you guys about the Fashion Label by the name of DELLA.............
Della is a Los Angele's based fashion line that works directly with a community in Ghana, West Africa. The brand is partnering with Apple and Nordstrom, which is really a great achievement as especially Apple, who is all about Design & Branding, doesn't support just any label.

Della offers hobo bags, Mac-book & Kindle cases and headbands in modern African fabrics. The beautiful creations support 30 of each women with full-time jobs in the Volta Region. Thus the catchy slogan of the label: "Carry Change".

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