8 Oct 2011

FASHION - HIJAB ( islam )

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Heyy!!! children of God *alwys wntd to say that* hahaha!!! anyhu i know after most of you have read the post title being islam ya'll be thinking Osama is Back &%*#2

 but hahaha nope he aint... anyhuuuu
A while back I got this brilliant idea
about doing a piece on Islam
fashion. since im kinda Muslim to, but thanks to the workload I
had, it took a little longer than
expected...however, here I am.
Hijab fashion.in , my best chick friend *FWB*  Fatma ( hey girl ) always had a
really fascinating hijab on her.always ended up customizing them to Different
colors,designs and she had (still has) such great taste that her other
friends ended up buying some of the

scarves. So today It hit me after having a chit chat with my other pal (chick) when she told me she wants something sexy even if she's muslim and thanks to God for giving me many ideas at a micro second, here i went for a search for hijab fashion and the results are amazing,
cant start to explain it. so I'll show you... Hijabs come in plain colors,.. They come in floral,butterflies,wavey lines e.t.c ,be it parts of a flower,the bud,the stem or just....( yeah I know floral kinda covered that huh...) some weird nice shapes,the black and white
is quite pretty My favourite ones are the dull coloured ones..for the cold season we
are headed into And of course multi-colored.Or using
two separate scarves to achieve the
same results... But this one has to be by far my most
absolute favourite Yes yes I quite understand no one can
wear this but the art in it,the
feathers,and I think there are bettles on
her face are absolutely magnificent do
you agree?

I like what she is wearing in the picture's with the fanous (lamp). Awesome inspiration anyway, although some of the tops she wears with jeans are a little to short for some of you ladies taste if you would try the hijab look…
Do you like her style????

For some, the word hijab means an Islamic practice imposed on Muslim women and symbolizes a form of, or perhaps, an excuse to oppress women. For others, it is what differentiates between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim woman, and what distinguishes between a “good” Muslim woman and a “bad” Muslim one. While the level of depth and genuineness of these perceptions of hijab may vary and may as well be questioned, other more important factors and concepts must be realized when attempting to understand hijab, especially for new Muslims or for those interested in knowing about hijab.

I love the colorful, loose garments, especially the upper pink one (minus the “wings”), and the yellow tunic.


  1. yeh! And the skin? My god flawless u'd.,

  2. Thanks for coming by blog and for the invite. Glad I came by. These are beautiful pictures and the flavor is very distinct with each one.

  3. Angela Brown no thnk u i appreciate tht u came thru.. Bdw liked ur blog and wuld wnt u 2b my guest blogger ths week


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