8 Oct 2011


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I know i haven't blogged in a while actualy just in 3days {o.O} but
that's because am doing a crazy shift at
work Of late ARGH!!! *pulln' my eyelashes out of anger*, but hey dont give me that explain yourself look because i might just endup stabing you with a blunt carrot or shave your head while your dead asleep which ever will cross my mind as funny *evil mojo jojo ( powerpuff girls ) laugh* anyhuuu.....
African fashion,spring is almost here,
which reminds me of how much fun it
is to just slip on a chino pant, put on a pair of
sandals and leave the house. Casual
Men chino pants look are great because they

are so EASY TO PULL THROUGH– you just throw one on and voila – you’re dressed! But part of
the fun of getting dressed is to get
creative with your clothes and i mean very CREATIVE .....
If you find
yourself in the mood to change things
up a bit in your closed, to do something different with
your casual clothes, here are five fun ways you can wear them:
African men/women,for the women please wear your dresses
over tights. This is great for spring,
when it might be too cold to wear a
short dress with nothing to cover your sexy
legs. Tights are not just practical – they can also be very flattering i think. Darker tights
with some lycra in them can have a
seriously slimming effect on your legs.

If you’re young and slender, you can
probably get away with wearing your
dress with knee-high socks, but be careful with this look! Not anyone can
pull it off, so do make sure
that you can pull it off before you try
this look.
Wear a denim jacket over your African
dress if you have one that is. This is another great way to take advantage of your summer wardrobe
during the cooler months of spring. In
addition, layering a jacket over your
dress enables you to adjust to different
temperatures – wear the jacket in the
morning and evening, and take it off during the warmest parts of the day. If
you choose a dressy jacket instead of a
denim jacket, you can use it to dress up
a casual dress.


African ladies should try to dress it up
or down with shoes. The shoes you wear with your dress can make a big
difference. A dress worn with flats or
flip-flops and a denim jacket will look
completely different than the same
dress worn with heels and some bold
jewelry..yuh understand?? *jamaican accent*

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