8 Oct 2011


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Greetings thy people *game of throne* Smile...smile....blush i know you wanna! :) I
had missed you guys! even if it was just for 19hrs *dnt care* Come
here....hurdle up boys and girls ....
>>group hug<<

So back to bizzniesss celebrities rockin African Print yes i have said it AFRICAN (ZULU,KUMABONGO,aweh/awe,Chwee chweereekeys *african accent* (hehe....just had to put that there)

So African fashion has been on a roll for the last couple of years.It started with hitting the runway,and from there,celebrities are adoring it...in batik,tribal,normal African print...we call them vitenges and also kangas,shukas.And being at the INTERNATIOAL AFRICAN FASHION FAIR got me overly excited for Print too.. Here are some few celebrities iv spotted rocking Africa print on openings,casual wear...

  1. Gwen St
  2. British Singer Estelle
  3. ephanie 
  4. Beyonce Knowles
  5. Dawn Richards 
  6. Dawn Richards 2 
  7. Kate Hudson 
  8. Kelis in Jewel By Lisa Solange
  9. Knowles in box kitten 
  10. Rhianna 
  11. And of course First Lady Michelle Obama in Duro Olowu design 

African print (Ankara) has taken a huge leap from the streets of West Africa to the hottest red carpets, videos and runways around the world. Celebs like Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna, Fergie and Kelis have championed the cause for some time now, with Kelis rocking print fashion from African designer…Jewel by Lisa on a number of occasions


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  3. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm definitely interested in following each other :o)

    I love African prints. It's about time these prints got some shine in the fashion world!

  4. Dakota and more photos are stil coming up beyonce wearing the prints and rihanna

  5. S4SisterStyle thnx n yeh!iv returned the favour check out ur blog im follown bk

  6. Candyce Nicole yeh!they should coz they r unique in thea own way plus im on ur blog nw as we speak

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    have a great weekend:D

  8. Your twitter bird has some guts following me everywhere, lol.
    I so love African prints now and really want as much as I "don't" need.
    Lovely blog too, and I'm following you here and twitter, don't forget to follow back :)

  9. vnikali no thank u 4 ur lovely comment n u 2 hav a gr8 week ths week..

  10. Coy~Introvert haha lol!u'v made my day ryt thea n im i follown u bk YES!YES

  11. African fashion seems faulous, I really appreciate your hard work on this post. Keep sharing such nice updates.


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