29 Sep 2011

SHOES- Heel The World (The Gentleman's Shoe)

marvin saidi | 02:11 |
Heel The World  is more than a shoe company-A luxury, bespoke shoe line that aims at rewarding talent of the underprivileged Ghanaian Shoemakers. The shoes are designed,bespoke and handcrafted in Ghana by the most top-notch Italian leathers.They have chosen shoes over clothes, artifacts etc... to prove that Ghanaian craftsmen could compete and even surpass European standards if better equipped and funded. For every shoe you buy , HTW empower and African start-up because of there belief in people who are changing the world

all off the shoes description
  • Brown Nyansapo
  • Purple and Darktarn Nyansapo
  • Brown classiness
  • Choclate brown Daddy flats
  • Green Daddy flats   


  1. Very Nice Shoe. Following you now.


  2. thanks Amy and bdw i need to be linkn up wth some of ur post u got gud fashion sense


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