16 Jan 2012

Africa's Garden of Fashion show

marvin saidi | 06:36 |
Hello!! my friends from other dimensions ha-ha!!One of my goals when I started this blog was to expand my fashion horizon beyond the regular designers we see and hear about everyday. I luv to feature budding designers who are fab but not necessarily well-known by most Europeans, Americans, Kenyans and other Africans...I'm so blogging about this year's Cape Town Fashion Week
Anyhu back to matters of the heart,body and soul FASHION-ED ......
Here is another budding designer at add to your fashion repertoire....ENJOY
YOUNG and up-coming Durban designers got a chance of a lifetime to showcase their talent with internationally acclaimed stylist Helen Blignaut.

Bignaut, who is also a fashion author, branding expert, marketer and selling strategist in the fashion industry, had asked young talents to show off their creativity at the “Garden of Fashion Show.”

Held at the Botanic Gardens in Durban, Bignaut arranged for six designers from KYD (KwaZulu-Natal Young Designers) to thibk out of the box. The purpose of the workshop was to assist the young designers in their craft and making them compete and produce work of international standards.


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