5 Jan 2012


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Helluurrr Lovely people of this world of God/Allah?Buddha whoever super-natural being you kneel down to every time to give thanks to for me i don't Judge anyhow its been a while without me posting new fashion stuff after my little traveling in the world so im back and my writing skills are back with me to *HALLLAAARR* ;-) 
Anyhu back to Fashion matters of the heart awwww!!! The NEW year is already here and
the norm has been that many events would be going down this weekend till later in the month.  Most of us have been waiting for a really convenient time to enjoy the sun but the shifty weather in Nairobi, London, Dubai, Italy  has not given us that chance and has got people dressing for winter only to be shocked by the summer weather in the mid afternoons.DARN!!! so My advice is not to layer to many thinks just dress warm enough and not heavily.  here is a warm and simple look that guyz/girls can try out this or any coming weekend.

Attimes it seems the cold and rainy season is still here with us in nairobi even though its December the hottest month ever but in nairobi this year its 50-50 so keeping warm is mandatory.  I'm glad to know that most guys these days try to dress stylish even during the cold seasons unlike in the past when people just put on something warm and headed out. For since time in memorial guyz trench coats have always been a nice way to keep warm and also look fashionable, but currently there has been inclusion of military jackets, pea coats on the latest cold season styles.  Guyz have also been accessorizing more with scarves which i think is a must have in the cold season.  some looks you can try if it turnss out to be cold any morning you wake up. 


  1. Some of them were great. Some of them was just WTF?

  2. Some of these outfits are really inspiring!
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  3. great fashion style there..happy new year Chulala! :-)

  4. @Francesca R thnkx thnx! Much xoxo n yes i'd xo much love 2 follow each other

  5. @Francesca R thnkx thnx! Much xoxo n yes i'd xo much love 2 follow each other

  6. @Ghafla!Guy thnx bruv n happy new yr 2u 2 hope alz gud

  7. @Tonkow hahaha tht i xo sadly agree wth u bruv


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