2 Jan 2012


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 Hi Everyone! (HAPPY NEW YEAR) How are you doing? I have missed u guys, I don't know how I am ever going to quit blogging because whenever I haven't blogged in a while, I feel so guilty! So what have you been up to any way this new year 2012... *cheers to getting here to by the way*
Anyhu this new year im so directing all my energy to my fellow designers and get them noticed out there hugelly by other fellow deisngers so today im bound to talk about the booming designer in kenya right now going by the name ....

Ann McCreath
After completing fashion design studies in Rome, followed by years working as a designer in Barcelona, Scottish born Ann McCreath took a three-month break doing aid work in Kenya. Finding it fascinating, she stayed on for 3 years, before deciding to go back to her profession and do trade instead of aid.
So in 1996 With a desire to help create jobs in rural areas and make unique, high quality products for retail Ann launched her own fashion house under the name “KikoRomeo”, which means “Adam’s apple” in Kiswahili.. Hoping Kenyans would take pride in African-inspired contemporary fashion, and promote their economy through buying locally made fashion, she set about making ethically sound products with inputs from community artisans and women’s groups, which she retailed through her own shop. Since then KikoRomeo has continued to offer ready-made garments, cut to international fashion trends, using African made fabrics, often with handcrafted details.

KikoRomeo currently employs a number of young Kenyan designers including Norbert Ochieng from Maseno University, Michael Nzioki from Buru Buru Fine Arts.They form the design team, headed by Ann McCreath.

KikoRomeo shop is on 1st Floor of the Yaya Centre, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya. It’s open Mon-Sat 9.30am – 7pm, Sun 10.30am-6pm

Tel: (+254) 733 516 317 / 714 647 538
Email: yaya@kikoromeo.com


  1. All the clothing is so cool! I love those ethnic prints, I think they are really cute :)
    xo -A

  2. @Arianne yeh!tru dart the ethnic wear z xo on point n thnx 4 keepn it chulala fashions

  3. @Tonkow thnx dear .. Keep it chulala fashions for more


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