19 Jan 2012

DORU OLOWU SPRING 2012 collection

marvin saidi | 05:23 |
Hi Everyone! How r u guys doing? Sorry for the break in transmission. Slow internet service is a real BIG  downer!! Anyhu, what have you been up to this second week of the new year? I have been enjoying my job off holiday. My birthday was 2months back i still *dream about it* !!! Feel free to leave some late birthday wishes in twitter handler @saidiChulala ha-ha!!!. Much appreciated. Had a fab time anyway....
Anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and souls FASHION-ED *motto* my lat post was all about women so this post today is all about men's African swag!! because i so love African prints and fabrics..
and today I'm all about hyping my new found Duro Olowu dang! this  name just makes me smile coz everything she makes must be swaggalicious even if that is a real word i so don't know he-he!
Other wise please feel free to leave your comment about what you think about her ..

The collection is very comfortable and most of the dresses can be
dressed up or dress down and worn to any casual outing


  1. The internet service I experienced at my mums made me love the one I have at my dads so much more.

  2. @Mark man this internet thiing sucks ass

  3. Haha, yeah, I know what having slow internet is like...

  4. Wow the girls in fabulous outfits are looking gorgeous. I really appreciate your effort to make this post worth remarkable.


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