10 Apr 2012


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Hello lovers and of-course haters if they by any chance come through this site sometime i still appreciate all in all coz I'm cool like that *s.m.h* anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body, Soul FASHION-ED  so, Last Friday on  4th of April, all roads led To the Micheal Joseph center For The long Anticipated FASHION CAFE. which Was A networking event for the Fashion forward and Trendsetters of Kenya as a whole

I must say I was Impressed with the Designs they were quite good,and ofcourse the turn-out of people who are so into Fashion like me to the core, The models were Looking Fab as Always, Moses Rnaze of (Strut It  Africa) is never disappointing on who he picks to be on the runway! one of them being my friend Emo *African Tarzan* as they call him this days.. don't ask me why they do coz i so have no idea either..
people really Dressed up that i must say everyone looked sharp and fresh.

below are some Pictures from The Event

Thank-you Fashion Café team, lots of new friends here including Marion Gacheru, Zeynab Ally *MY PAL*, Katungulu Mwendwa, and Lucy Robi. #100Girls100DaysCampaign

Congratulations to the organizers, Festus, Gladys Macharia and Bush. personally for me i dont know about others but me I'm sooooo looking Forward for more from LLC.


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