18 Apr 2012

PARIS FASHION:- Afro - Bikinis by Adama Paris SwimWear range

marvin saidi | 07:52 |
Hey! Hey FASHION-ED lovers It is again almost that time of year: we talking beach! Beach! beach! *if your ready fi di summer lets go* hold your horses now boys and girls, I might admit I am early and that it's only April. But in my defense it is never too early to go shopping and get your swimwear/suit all together. By the time Summer rolls around the best items are usually gone or no longer available in some peoples size or they are but but somehow expensive don't wait for this to happen Ladies. 
Afro designer Adama Paris has created diverse swim wear that should appeal to all kind of body types: "I wanted to create something that would appeal to different women and make them feel womanly and sexy too.”
she says.. And who is better to showcase her Afro bikinis than the contestants for Miss Black France - an event that will take place this month in Paris. 
Adama Paris is called Adama Amanda Ndiaye and she is from Senegalese origin. Adama who was born in Kinshasa, the former Zaire perfectly embodies the stylist of the new millennium. Her parents belonging to the diplomatic corps, she grew up between several international cities and in the face of cosmopolitan modes, she has been able to forge her own style.

The range was shot by renowned fashion photographer Mario Epanya and features a beautiful display of separates and singles in styles and cuts to fit different body types.
The Afrobikini range is a perfect addition to your summer vacation wardrobe. Perfect for your beach trip and also perfect for wearing as a top. Style it with jeans or a floaty skirt or dress and sail into the summer sunset…!
Updates: The swimwear range from 65 to 85 Euros (85 to 112 US Dollars). For all buying and general enquirers, please contact modemaisonpr@gmail.com


  1. i can totally see myself in all of this pieces.nice post.love the music too:}

  2. @maureen bandari thanks Maureen for the comment and stopping by ... I'm so sure you will love lovely with any of the piece

  3. @J'Adore Fashion thanks Stella i appreciate and u totally have a great blog i love


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