11 Apr 2012

Spring/summer collection:- Loud Culture S/S 2012 Collection

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Olla my Hombres!! how is your week after Easter?? for me Awesome to the core i so cant even explain what i did in one post so that will be all summarized tomorrow if my internet wont be slow as today.. anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-Ed..  Today im yet to tell/inform you about Young aspiring designers, Abi Fashesin and Ashley- Rae Tapping are two ladies with a passion for fashion and a strong desire to fulfil their dreams.

Meet Abi, 23, full time fashion and textile student and part time stylist. Abi has spent her years fascinated by couture and all things ‘fashion like’. A few of her inspirations include John Galiano, Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh.

Meet Ashley-Rae, 23, journalism graduate, part time stylist and entrepreneur. Ashley-Rae has always had the dream of making it big and starting her own business.Through her love of fashion and business mentality this has slowly started to become a reality and her main focus since joining forces with Abi.

The duo met six years ago and since then, they have not only built a business but a sisterhood. With the same dreams and ambitions, they hope to build their very own power house and dedicated following. So what is the concept behind LOUD?

Both originating from African descent but finding it hard to mix traditional vibrant prints with their every day contemporary wear, this inspired them to take matters into their own hands. Ashley-Rae and Abi gained inspiration from art and history, leading them on to produce an african inspired contemporary line, representing a modern woman in the New Age Society.

LOUD is what the brand represents as well as their slogan Live Out Ur Dream, which epitomises the journey they have embarked on. It is show stopping, attention grabbing and aimed at those who wish to communicate and be heard through fashion.

Mosaic crop top
Hummingbird bustier neck teaser
Aboriginie sundress
Deep Blue Sea & Flower Bomb sleeveless shirt
Eye Spi maxi-dress
Mosaic top
Firefly skirt & bow tie
Eye Spi high-waisted knickers and bustier

Puzzled boob tube
Puzzled Exotic dress & blazer


if you want to own any of the above pieces you can contact

e-mail fashesinandtapping@loud-culture.com
07951 815 703 between the hours of 5:30pm-9:00pm.
Ashley-Rae Tapping – LoudPress@yahoo.co.uk


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