16 Apr 2012

"A Man's Story" New Film on Ozwald Boateng

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Olla me Hombres how are you doing this week/day?? hope y'all are good and kicking like of-course yours truly me CHULALA A movie about Ozwald Boateng, THE British designer of Ghanaian heritage,*hureeee Africa*  hitted cinemas in the UK on the 9th of March. "A Man's Story", so is the title of the movie,
Ozwald Boateng is well known and admired for his innovative, and luxurious menswear as well as the vibrant colors of his designs.*bdw so u know i got me some of his awesome designs*  Whenever I used/got to see his collections I got so jealous of all the men who get to wear his sophisticated designs before me but now HUUUH!! *doing the boootay dance i am also Rocking them*. bdw i have been so thinking Why hasn't the Queen made him a SIR yet? It's long overdue
Tailor to Hollywood’s A-list, and a superstar in his own right, Ozwald Boateng is a dynamic force of energy, passion and color. 1998: already celebrated as one of the most talented menswear designers in the world, He is about to go bankrupt and divorce his first wife. Through luck and circumstance Movie director Varon Bonicos is able to switch on a camera. It continues to roll for the next twelve years. What emerges is a ground breaking film that takes us on an exhilarating behind-the-scenes ride into the world of high fashion with one of one of the most influential menswear designers of his generation.

Ending in 2010 when Boateng closes London Fashion Week with the biggest menswear show in history, Bonicos is able to get behind the headlines and chart Boateng’s singular dream to succeed. Instinctive, flawed and generous, A Man’s Story goes to the very heart of what Boateng has spent an entire career trying to distil: “what it is to be a man.”

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