15 Apr 2012

J’adore | Stella Jean’s spring/summer 2012 collection

marvin saidi | 07:33 | |
Hello my Fashionistas/fashionistos hope your day is wonderful like mine today,I am absolutely feeling Stella Jean‘s   2012 collection. The Italian-Haitian designer has used African wax block print fabrics and has blended the traditional and the contemporary, the Caribbean and the West to create a vibrant collection full of classic, tailored shapes.
The African wax block print fabrics lend a majesty to the collection while the stripes and chambray give the pieces a preppy feel.
Hints of Chanel, Balmain and Japan can be seen in the almost tweed-y jacket, the cocoon nature of some of the jackets and the kimono-esque necklines and wrapped waists of many of the shirts, skirts and dresses.


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