24 Nov 2011

L.D.A COLLECTION- Lanre Dasilva Ajayi

marvin saidi | 01:12 |
Hello/ hey my loyal site readers and followers did i mention that i love you all?? if not I LOVE YOU come here *group hug*, so maybe you may have noticed i’ve been some what/how quiet of late for the last 4 days (Well i was off getting treated i was infected by the dangerous disease MALARIA ;-( I think that excuses me ). by the way I’m planning some changes to how the site will be running so i will be asking a couple of you questions then pimp my site to perfection Dang!!! cant wait anyhu back to FASHION matters now.....
I really don't wanna bore yah!!...

BUT I had to do a post on Lanre Dasilva Ajayi's labour of love collection. I mean I've gushed so much about it, its only right... During the show, for some reason names of the designers were not being shown BUT from the moment I spotted lace I kinda already knew it was L.D.A... I mean it was classic L.D.A but extra extra extra to the max-xx, she went hard on this collection, this collection is everything and I'm still in awe...if i was a chick , Lord have mercy Tyra banks ,beckhams wife wouldn't have nothing on me ... haha!!

For now, this was all from L.D.A designs.
now The Fashion Plane * chulala fashions* is short on fuel, and needs to go home to refill it.
The passengers are thirsty and hungry and needs to eat.

But soon, very soon, the plain will take another trip, and the plain will then go to check out the awesome kids collection in Africa!!
So spotlight the blog right now, cause you don't want to miss that one!



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