15 Nov 2011

Interview with IQUIRA KENYA

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Hey lovely people of God :-) The main reason as to why i wanted to share this interview is to introduce to you probably a new yet determined beautiful lady with the passion of making jewellery designer and inspiring clothing designer Wangari Kairuki who is a very new upcoming good friend of CHULALA FASHION"S now he-he!!!
Her fashion blog, IQUIRA KENYA, is a journal that includes: her inspiration; her jewelry  sneak-peeks and
post-shoot results and;
more. Aside from an entertaining and stylish
blog, with recognition far and wide,
I'm excited to share this
interview with Wangari because she's
demonstrating again the rewards of following your passion. When I was
growing up in Kenya, I didn't even
know that being a fashion stylist,or what Iquira kenya is doing was a
career option, let alone being one in
Kenya. Pave that way iquira!!
Shock nuff Wangari A.K.A Iquira is a very young lady but with a fashion mind of the best designer VALENTINO GARAVANI *smilling*
get to know more about her in our interview...

CHULALA FASHIONS:- Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
IQUIRA KENYA:   I am an Environmental Health graduate, a jewellery designer and am inspiring clothing designer. My blog is a channel I use to share my work with the world. I put up the jewellery I make, and a few items of clothing that I have done as well.

How you first got involved in with blogging?
IQUIRA KENYA:    I started my blog in May 2011 after closing down my website. I found that through the blog, I am able to interact with my  clients and other designers in my line or otherwise. Basically, the blog helps me network, and get feedback from my target ,market.

What inspired you to create IQUIRA?
IQUIRA KENYA:    I started iQuira 2 years ago after I realized that the jewelry in most shops in Nairobi is replicated everywhere..Basically, the stuff around was too common and I wanted to wear unique pieces. I started making stuff for myself and eventually got orders from my friends and it grew from there..

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
IQUIRA KENYA:  Bloggers I look upto are Nancie Mwai from the fashion notebook. I love her free spirit and her bold style. Another blogger is Carol Tichie, owner of enzi designs. She is a talented clothing designer and I just love her creativity!

  What's your passion?
IQUIRA KENYA:     My passion is art and craft. I cannot function without creating and constructing stuff with my hands!

What has been your greatest obstacle/challenge?
IQUIRA KENYA:      My greatest challenge has been getting people to warm up to shopping online since I do not have a physical shop and sell my jewellery through social networks. Kenyans still want to visit a shop and try and touch something before buying it. We are getting there slowly though!

How have you dealt with/overcome it?
IQUIRA KENYA:       I just keep going and not giving up. I sorta gave up when I shut down my website due to frustration but now giving up is not an option. With the right people around me talking about iQuira, it is selling itself and guys are finding about it.

What has your greatest achievement been?
IQUIRA KENYA:      My greatest achievement fashion wise has been standing up for my passion and going back to school to study fashion. It was a hard decision that took me 3 years to make due to all the discouraging advice I was getting but I am proud of myself for taking that step.I am loving every bit of the journey. It has been 4 months only and I can sew an outfit already!

CHULALA FASHIONS:-when did you start making jewellery 

IQUIRA KENYA:       I started in November 2009..

Anything else you'd like to share?
IQUIRA KENYA:        umm..is that a trick question? Hope this counts.... Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/IquiraKenya

Anything we should look out for in the coming weeks/months/year?
IQUIRA KENYA:      Yes!! iQuira should have a clothing line in the next few months!! Watch this space.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?
IQUIRA KENYA:      I find my inspiration from the past....The 40s to the 80s had the best fashion hands down!!!!!

Can you tell us about your most favorite post?
IQUIRA KENYA:       My best post was the one I posted my first outfits a month or so ago. The response from everywhere was just overwhelming!!! If I had a doubt as to why I chose to study fashion it disappeared that day. I got validation from that post, and knew right then that I was on the right path.

What are your wish lists for this year
IQUIRA KENYA:      ummmm...a new sewing machine that can embroider and do ordinary stitching....and World peace! *cough*
hahahahah!!! good dreams girl rock on

Thank you guyz for reading this interview stay glued to this blog for more exclusive interviews stay tuned 4 more fresh interviews.. if you don't mind sharing this blog be my guest plizzz!!!! :-)          


  1. R its nw officialy set tht in my nxt giveaway ur the 1st one to get the best award on my blog i owe u

  2. she sounds interesting and iquira i have more questions for u by the way. Show urself

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  4. Thanks for the Interview Chulala! Your support is highly appreciated. Ask away Larry..Here I am!

  5. iquira where can i get to buy ur work and ask for personal customization

  6. iquira ur xo welcome n im xo lookn 4ward 2b workn wth u more

  7. larry thnx 4d support u can check-out her blog anytime at

  8. Yes, Larry check out my blog and my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/IquiraKenya if you see anything you like, just get back to me. If you would like to get a custom made piece, email me at wangari@iquirakenya.com

    Thanks again for your interest!


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