28 Nov 2011


marvin saidi | 00:54 |
Heyyy!!! my people so This morning on twitter, a dumb twerp called ass liker(@Thighsmeller) out of the blue just called me a man-hoe because some friend of his told him that i kinda shagged his girlfriend and sister to and that im known all over the town of my ill behaviors which i so never knew off until he told me that my God!!.  Actually, he misspelled it and wrote “man houre”.   Aside from his inability to spell, the idiot thought he was offending me and may have been surprised as I went on to engage him on his ignorance. It was very clear that he did not know what the word means and was using the word just like some people use the word ‘nigger’ to denigrate black folks. how SADD!! NKT!!
I felt that I should write a post to diss him back and tag him but my pride wouldn't let me coz I'm not that anymore but im now a fashion stylist and trendier,anyhow enough of the ass liker cock sucking douche' *just saying* forgive me Lord now back to FASHION matters thou!!

It’s been a while people, where do I start? OK, let's go to the beginning which is always a good place to start. Ah!! yes TAMANI WEAR, I haven’t mentioned it yet but one of my favorite designers so far in really dont know why but i guess coz there is many collections in the designs. In fact that doughnut pic I use on Facebook at time is from one of the collections ha-ha!! . Based in Kenya near cianda market Tamani is known for there trashy (sometimes literally) sense of humour and is adored by hipster superstars everywhere.
Tamani wear is a clothing company that aims to redefine dressing in Nairobi with unique, trendy and quality items. We mostly deal in casual and office wear and cater to both women and men.


  1. Love that second dress and the skirt 3 spots below it..fabulous style!! x

  2. Interesting collection, I really like it!

  3. cool! Revisit @ http://i-like-free-cash.blogspot.com/

  4. The Dainty Doll's House thnx all i got to say is TAMANI WEAR will be the nxt label..
    Bdw gr8 blog u have

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment. Sounds like a cool designer. Love the printed dresses and hair bows.

  6. signature mix thnx .n im alwys on ur blog everytym

  7. The Blonde Duck tru they'r sumthng

  8. Luna thnx n bdw cn u b my guest blogger ths coming week

  9. cool designs I love the dresses


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