12 Nov 2011


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Hey lovelies im back again today kinda not so happy coz i planned that this month i was to post 5 post daily caring less if they were many or whatever coz i was itching to write new good stuff without pulling back like the past months but now that's over starting today believe that anyhu back to bizness... FASHION

This season, fashion isn’t only about wearing stuff from your own closet * HELL NUHH/NADAA *
One of the hottest trends involves stealing.. from a guy/girl’s wardrobe. That’s right – menswear - inspired fashion is hot for Spring , evidenced by the recent popularity of boyfriend jeans. In life, as in the Fall, sometimes it matters who or what is on top. If the word "top" holds such an important signification, well, one must master the art of wearing the right one.

Very often one hears men asking the same question right before getting ready: which shirt, pants, boxer  should I wear? For some reason, pants do not seem to trouble us gentlemen sometime as much.but coming to the pants now finding the right thing to match with the right boyfriend jeans for us men or ladies sometimes end-up being hectic for some of us but don't worry coz me this round on this article i got u *Micheal Jackson sound*

                                   How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans:

Here are some tips on the best ways to wear the boyfriend jeans,jacket,shirt for that effortlessly chic/dude look.

* Roll up the cuffs. If your jeans are short enough, you won’t need to do this, but if they’re super long, you’ll need to cuff the bottoms. Roll them above your ankles if you’re wearing heels for ladies and boat shoes or Toms for the dudes or just below if you’re wearing flat sandals. Having your jeans drag along the ground is never a good look.

* With ballet flats, sandals, or heels.( LADIES ) These jeans are made to show off your ankles and feet, so don’t wear boyfriend jeans with boots or sneakers. Instead, wear ‘em with a pair of gladiator sandals, flip flops, high heels, or ballet flats to add cute details.

* Keep the rest of your look relaxed and casual. Boyfriend jeans look best with a plain tee or tank and minimal accessories. It’s a look that’s very low maintenance and informal, so don’t try too hard with your top and accessories.

* With a leather belt. Since boyfriend jeans are usually really big and baggy, you’ll probably need a belt to keep them up. Even if you don’t, a belt makes a great addition to the outfit. Bonus points if you wear a plain leather belt that looks like it could have been borrowed from a boy too.

                             What to wear it with:

  • The blazer should be mixed with slim pants or leggings.
  • "Skinny pants or jeans with a soft layering piece, Be sure the top is super feminine ( ladies) and masculine (men) to balance the masculinity of the blazer. Don't worry if the top peeks out of the bottom – that's cool!"
  • If you want to balance the seriousness of the blazer with the rest of your outfit. "Pair the boyfriend blazer back to rolled or cuffed jeans topped off with some fabulous shoes. The jeans make the blazer more casual, less serious and the shoes should add the fashionable twist you want 


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