17 Nov 2011


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Helluurrr! *madea'a voice* chulala people! ( or anyone that keeps on/still checks my blog only to find nothing or something  new everyday!!! i still appreciate non the less THANKS) So I just had a nice quiet afternoon doing the things I love to do, write poems , read blogs , drink, flirt, hit on chicks too he-he!1 and about to go for sheesha :-) I met a very beautiful nice light skinned girl on the weekend (m Nicki Minaj if you like)  it was nice and simple how i vibed here as always *evil laugh* i was just off the parking lot with my lovely crazy friends  headed for the club/ lounge and there she was with her pals to smoking cigars and looking lovely with the perfect body  .
the perfect body to me is one of the little pleasures of life I simply can't do without seeing and praising *sorry God*.. anyhow ill tell u this story next time since its so log and funny so i think now back to hurting, tormenting matters of the heart which really got me pissed over that weekend did i mention that me getting pissed is very hard coz im always over jovial but anyhow phurkk!! sorry for cursing ...

So People (anyone who knows me or hears about me ) don't think that i got feelings or that I'm sensitive but let me tel u something i got more feelings in my nut than u school girls 2gether ( dudes) or ladies..

But guess what i know what they say about me ,and about guys like me,they say we're pigs that we're dogs but guess wt? in my defense they don't exclude other weak men 2 ..ooh!! No they say all men r dogs n scum..they talk n talk their little weak hearts off about wt monsters we are but they don't understand that they're the very 1nz that created the FRANKENSTEIN S 'us' they abhor (if Ur laughing Right now laugh all u want but I'm serious ) 

every womanizer,player, every guy juggling 3broads (chicks) at the same time is only doing so out of fear. FEAR of being crushed by a woman.because 1day back in the day they were not players. No they weren't they liked one girl just one, they gave it up 2her 'that's Right' they gave it up coz they were romantics back then, that's y they gave it up to the girl they loved n wt happened? They got rocked,crushed,destroyed, cheated,laughed at or something n when they finished picking up the pieces of what once was their weak kind heart... U know wt they said?? They all every single one of them made a vow never to give it up again.. That's right..

Now we're talking about the real bastards (i don't know if i fall in that category), the guys that break hearts occupationally coz believe it or not originally those guys were the most beautiful n romantic of all. N u know wt happened?? they're the ones that got hurt worst of all.. but guess wt u never get over it yes u recover bt never no!no u never get over it but u know wt happened wen they all recovered?? they all said ''okay i see all right if that's how it's gonna b i can play that way to' so u see we r all responsible for the cycle of the vicious circle... N that's y i sworn never to get my heart broken again like i did when i was 14...

But why?? Why do people hurt each other like that? Why don't they just take care of each others feelings? Its so easy.. Answer - Coz people r so selfish n they don't care i mean look at it we've been in that situation wea we're with another woman/man n we know wt we're about 2do is wrong, that if we do this its going to hurt someone we care for so badly it will ruin everything, everything so we throw away people who r most valuable to us we waste them like we have them to waste n if we cont doing it we'll end up alone n old stuck with sum vacuous, one eyed stripper who u cant talk to


  1. I agree. players should be given a break and lover boys should be in the limelight not the other way round.

  2. This is a different way to look at things.

  3. Ghafla!Guy exactly man thts wt im tryn to say right here thnx 4 understndn

  4. R thnx my loyal follower i appreciate

  5. DWei different bt kinda xo tru right?

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