5 Nov 2011

FASHION- Afro Chique

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Hello my lovely blogger's so im back this month i don't want to brag but this i must say im back with a BANG!! yes! i have said it BANG *Again* he-he im here to make you usual,new,and pass by readers glued to my fashion Blog A.S.A.P... Anyhu back to FAshion Matters at hand ( always wanted to put that at hand in  as sentence and today I've managed Hureee!! lol!.....
Afro-Chique just as the name sounds Afro-Chique is a ready to
wear women’s clothing brand that combines the cultural identity of African prints with the stylish influence of contemporary London. The designer Janice Morrison creates a collection with close attention to detail, resulting in bold, well-defined feminine designs.

Launched in 2008, Afro-Chique produces a range of clothing and accessories that has the brilliant prowess of Caribbean culture and attitude, expressed with colors and fabrics native to Africa. The African-Caribbean designs are combined to produce outfits that suit to today’s urban, chic, confident and beautiful woman.
Afro-Chique defines modern femininity in the strength, identity and attitude of their clothing brand. With distinctive designs that captivate the essence of African-Caribbean culture, every Afro-Chique piece is desirable and made with fine quality fabric, cut and colours to ensure only the finest quality garments.


Designers Profile: Chido Mutukwa
   Make up artist team: Becks Buki, Elaine Edozien of ShoMya, Nadine Neita, Elena Barankevich, Imelda      Ladebo and Seyi Sangotade.
   Hair Team: Hair Lounge


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  3. R seems ur the only1 who dint think the makeups weird guesn u knew its thea alter ego

  4. aLH3x lool! Dnt mock fashion, u'l b stricked by a whole week glued to glee for punishment hehe!

  5. Orang3 haha they aint strange thts called thea ALTER EGO on the runway

  6. very interesting dresses <3

  7. This is gorgeous! I've always been into African prints, but have never been lucky to find any african-inspired clothes :(

  8. Gear thnx n im xo lookn 4ward of ur new post bdw

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