26 Dec 2011


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HEEEYYYYY!! Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on CHULALA FASHIONS in the last post. Its much appreciated! How was your week though? My week has been crazy so far. Numerous meetings, traveling, hours spent in traffic plus I have a cold and its in the last week of December. Not fun. Anyway, as always, I like to focus on the sunny side of things so I feel happy and blessed.
I tell people that you cannot be sensitive or lack self-confidence if your from Kenya. Many people are very comfortable with giving you unsolicited opinions and advice. how do you handle it? I need some tips.....
At the moment, the Kenyan and London fashion industry is budding, there are loads of talented designers and lots of potential for development.
Anyhu Ladies and gentlemen…fashion emissaries and wannabes alike, back to fashion matters of the heart, body and soul Dang!! do i love saying that line he-he!! back to business though today i've decided to talk about the MAN-BAG to some men it would so look gay-wish but to some *me* its so fashion-ed and I'll respect any dude who can pull it off #NOHOMMO

Long gone are the days of massive padlocked brief-cases and ugly corporate bags, and those horrendous (plastic bags) emblazoned with logos & calendars. A new era in men's fashion is underway, with the man-bag taking its rightful place at the throne of accessories. Oh, but it is.

I have to say, i was uncertain about man-bags when i first saw them. It was only much later that i realized that they (man-bags) are an absolute must, the accessory pie’ce de r’esistance, not for the faint-hear-ted. Guys who rock man-bags have to be sure & confident, they know they are being watched. You cannot afford to be shy, what the fuck for. Man-bags are perpetually fashion-forward, it is a statement to the world: “I know my shit!”

There are various types of man-bags in the market right now you will be stunned at some of the things being pushed into the mens wear industry! Bono (U2) just designed a man-bag for Louis Vuitton with all proceeds going to charity…the first bag by L.V.M.H to be made in Africa!

Man-bags aka man-purse/ murse… these terms are used to represent a multifunction and often stylish bag worn by men. There are several types: Messenger bags, murse, laptop bags, back-packs, totes, hold-all, weekenders, cabas, duffel bags, satchels etcetera. Just like women's’ hand-bags, the man-bag selection really depends on the function you intend.

Working men should stick to the modern sleek file-holders, like the leather iPad covers or mini-laptop covers. The traveling man will have much more fun with man-bags because there is more to chose from..weekenders, hold-all and such. Metro-sexual and fashionistas don’t really give a fuck, as long as it accentuates the outfit they’ll be rocking it.
The prices are scary, i know, but y’all know i’ve got the hook up JUST HIT ME UP IN TWITTER,EMAIL OR FACEBOOK ANYTIME


  1. must try this looks soon enough

  2. oh man!!!! I dont know!!! i dont think I can get on board with this. FYI Terrence Howard.... that looks so bad its funny!

  3. Anonymous not all of 'em tho.. Cz xum r nt tht str8 haha

  4. Anonymous yes if u've liked any of them well then go and start rocking your man-bag ... dont wait too long heheh!!!

  5. @Steve Bailey hahaha!! actuall if u think about it it aint that bad mate its simple and fashion-ed

  6. @2die4 isadlly enouigh i must say i agree with you but u have to admit some are cool though?? right??

  7. thanks for the love on my blog....are we following each other yet......cause I think we should and I am............xx



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