19 Dec 2011


marvin saidi | 11:31 |
I miss you
I don't know why
I just do
Not just your smile
or your kiss
or those hands that gently,
touch my soul
I miss your heart
your flesh

your blood and bones
and every word
every thought you've ever uttered at me
I miss what you do to me
when I know
I am not loving in vain
I miss the way
you look at me when your not looking through me
I miss your tongue
and not just the way
it feels against mine
but the way it speaks honesty
with such conviction Nor the way you travel
the length of my body
with your bare hands
Not wincing at the pain
from the prick of my rose
But right now I think you should know
that I'm mostly missing
your fingerprints


  1. Excellent poem.... but why is that little blue bird following me all over your page? haha

  2. R thnx man bdw i need a favour wts ur twitter name?

  3. Steve Bailey thnx steve xo much poetry 2come abt the bird u got to click on it A.S.A.P to follow me on twitter

  4. Hello Kitty Forever much appreciation dear +follown

  5. Amanda thnx lurv n keep it chulala fashion for more to come.. If ur on twitter wts ur name?


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