23 Dec 2011

MEN ROCKING PINK????!!!!!! Metrosexual, Gay or Just as Any Other Color?

marvin saidi | 03:19 |
Hallo awesome people or fashion freaks!! he-he!! hows your last week to 31st of December coming along? anyhu I’m not sure where to start…because this blog has formed such a huge part of my life that i must admit over the past 3+ months From job to job, From city to city, From makeup to breakup. You guys have been there with me on CHULALA FASHIONS Thank you soooo much!!! From all the comments to the advice to the insults  and discrimination lol!!…Its been amazing!!! now come close everyone *HUGE GROUP HUG*
I have started a new chapter in the CHUALALA FASHIONS story and its sadly enough still under construction I really hope
you'll love it though once I'm done with it! I really wish I could compose something more poignant but words are failing me!  Big Kiss and Much Love to EVERYONE who has been a part of CHULALA FASHIONS  for this short peroid

Anyhu back to fashion matters of the heart, body and soul *motto*PINK has been debunked from the colors which men are meant to be ‘allergic’ to. There is something alluring about pink. Maybe that’s because psychologically it is known to have a calming effect. Or maybe it’s because pink is complimentary to most skin tones, unless you already have a lot of pink tone in your skin (like me NOT!! ). Or maybe it’s because a man who wears pink exudes confidence, yet is sensitive. It could be as simple as the fact that pink is easy to coordinate with almost every color in your wardrobe--it goes amazingly well with greys, tans, black, navy's and other blues tones. 

And lastly, if you're still not convinced how great pink is, women love pink and are more likely to give you a second glance. So give pink a try if you haven’t already because its No longer the colour associated with Mattel-Main-B!tch, Barbie. Now it is more macho than mellow, and depending on how the item is worn, Pink can add sex appeal to a man (my opinion)

Culala fashions: MEN ROCKING PINK

But that's just it, i draw the line at Pink Shirt & Plain Pink V-necks…the rest are for brave-hearts and true fashionistas and metro-sexuals. I can’t seat here in all my hot self and tell y’all to buy pink bags, caps and etcetera. I would be doing the mwananchi a disservice of sorts by advocating for items that are bound to cause ridicule (extra).
But there will come a time when Pink is fully integrated into our wardrobes, in all manner of hues… and on all manner of apparel.
  so to the men out there my last words to you is encrypted in this picture 


  1. I think it looks cool.
    Btw. Merry Christmas!

  2. R thnx man 4d xmas wishes bt im xo not feeling this xmas

  3. Meh, I don't like painfully bright colours. Although if I wanted to be extra bright, a dose of neon green and pink is in order.

  4. R.gers yeh!bruv im xo wth u on tht.. Lyk d 1st pic n ur avi


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