5 Dec 2011


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Hallo lovelly fashion-ed people I also want to tell you guys that as tired as I am (mentally!!), I have been meaning to update my blog with some issues that have been bothering me about the world and people in general, but because I do not want to do it hurriedly I will take my time. I do want to thank you guys who have been commenting faithfully on my blog I love reading your comments, and it makes me happy to know we have similar goals, and a similar drive in our everyday lives. However
mundane everyday activities and mantras maybe we should write about them ,
they are the little important things that add up to the big picture and they keep us accountable, so let's keep sharing and keep the conversation going. I will reply to all your comments.

Goodnite folks, and give every activity this week your complete effort! If you don't (esp. in the gym) just remember that somewhere on this side of the world I am working very very hard! 
Its no news that there's an H&M/Versace collaboration that will be launching this November...Various images from this collection have been released over the past couple of weeks but the official lookbook is finally out. These are some of my faves...

he buzz is definitely on and I bet the collection will be sold out in no time...How many of you will be camping in front of H&M/by your Computers on the 19th of November? And what will you be buying? ...tbh I'm more for the accessories than the dresses...I'd love to have the big print bag, one of the scarves, and most especially the gold Medusa choker and bracelet...Lets see how that goes.
Versace for H&M Lookbook


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