29 Dec 2011


marvin saidi | 03:40 |
Hi Everyone!How are you doing? I have missed u guys, I don't know how I am ever going to quit blogging because whenever I haven't blogged in a while, I feel so guilty!! *puppy eyes*
So what have you been up to??? The last couple of weeks have been really eventful for me but in a good way, I have been making progress with a couple of projects that I am working on be it in or outside the office so I'm grateful! Anyways, there is sooo much that I want to blog about I'll just have to take it day by day since my writing skills are back Thank God......
BTW, have you been watching the new episode of Single Ladies? Its had its exciting moments but I'm not addicted yet.*my A*** im so into that series like bread and butter!

Anyhu back to fashion matters of the heart, body and soul *Motto* today i woke-up so psyched up and went through my closet and saw i only have 5 jackets two of them being B.F jackets that's so sad, then i turn on my telly and on the fashion prog they're talking about male jackets so it got me thinking first i must go shopping for more jackets and 2nd i must blog about it so here goes nothing my people


  1. You know, I don't really have any nice jackets. The reason being that I'm a larger gentleman, and they don't make many that fit me and look good.

  2. Dylanthulhu haha thts nt true thea r big ppl who rock fitted jackets ,il do tht post 2moro

  3. the gentleman in the end looks super stylish;) almost metrosexual! oops!
    thanks for visiting my blog hun and commenting:) x
    following u now!

  4. alhexblog Spot geee!thnx bruv keep it here for more

  5. Rakhshan hahaha nuh!he doesnt look al tht!! O.o ..anyhu thnx n followd u bk

  6. Jackets turn you into an instant badass.

  7. R.gers haha tru dat bruv!! badd ass with that james bond look n swagg


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