22 Mar 2012

MEN SHOES:- Label Shem Paronelli Holiday 2012

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OK, blah blah – I know I have been terrible at updating the site for the past one week, but that's coz i have been moving up and down, working here and there trying to save alot of money to open a huge office and looking for the right team, interior designers to make my office vision come to life *CHULALA FASHIONS*  offices and a firm Office and damn!! i though it would be easy but trust me its sooooooo hard and hectic to manage its like im running to be a president of my country anyhu hope all goes well before end April. Now back to

matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED today i'm yet to inform you all my fellow men about this new upcoming Label by the name of  SHEM PARONELLI

SHEM PARONELLI a new artisan luxury leather fashion label specializing in leather goods and accessories. Shem Paronelli is pleased to announce the release of  their debut collection shot by the talented Hakeem Salaam. The Holiday collection 2011 effortlessly resonates ‘luxury chic’ an essence not easily articulated in men footwear design. The collection was inspired by the fun and glamor of nightlife and dance-floor.

And the use of such luxurious materials as vintage and embossed patent, patterned nu-buck and fine suede in rich colors of tan brown, pitch black and chocolate brown respectively communicates the nightlife theme. Such details as hand-stitching, punching and the unique lace-hole style exudes artisan savoir-fairer; an attribute synonymous with the Shem Paronelli brand. Each shoe in the collection is entirely made by hand by the designer and his team of craftsmen. Each shoe is personal as only one shoe is made for each design and no two shoes are entirely the same.

Shem Paronelli, the artisan leather brand was founded by Shem Ezemma in the fall of 2010. Though with an experience in image consultancy, fashion styling and leather-craft, he often connects his special “leather-crush” to the day he gave his pair of Ceasar Paciotti shoes as a seed offering on the altar of prayer back in college. His unique approach to leather craft and design is based on his sheer love for folkways, poetry, music, architecture and all things vintage. His special ability to juxtapose classic concepts with the modern makes for the creation of something entirely new and fresh. Hence his mantra “tradition and modernity can be best friends”. The Shem Paronelli design philosophy embraces and plays with the concept of opposites.

 NB:- If you need any of the above spectacular collection shoes you can get hols of him through 

shemparonelli@yahoo.com, shemparonelli@gmail.com or Call +2348085749072

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