31 Mar 2012

African prints:- Babutunde by Gareth Cowden

marvin saidi | 09:10 |
Hellur my esteemed readers of this cold world so my niece called me yesterday nite from boarding school in England. She’s not allowed to have a cell phone in school (poor her) neither is she allowed to use it after hours but I guess that doesn’t count when you’ve spent all your pocket money and neither my sister or brothers “understand”. Therefore I will “understand” since it wasn’t too long ago I was in the same shoes.
So I agree to get some money to her after all I am and always have been the “cool Uncle”.
We move on and she goes “Sooo…
have you decided you’re going to get married now? You know you’re meant to stop fucking around and playing with girls heart and your behind schedule in the young dating childish games”!!!!
Bells went off in my head. I was like W.T.F??!! Do u mean by I’m behind schedule? (YES I cuss at my nieces! They LUV IT! Lol!!)
She goes on to explain how by the time she is my age she’ll have her first child and be flying around the world in her husband’s private jet!
Oh here goes to be young and foolish again lol!!

Anyhu story cut short for another day and time today, back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED today im going to introduce to the people out there who don't know about the South African designer by the Name Gareth Cowden and his brand going by the name Babutunde

Gareth has been in the styling industry for 10 years. He worked at Elle , fashion editor for Soccer Life and Y Mag , Harpers Bizaar middle east , Netaporter ( London ) and he has done a lot of Advertising work. It is rather nice to have a guy in the office to throw into the mix . . . WELCOME GARETH! The pic of Gareth is from a Sport and Street editorial Jodie did in 2005 , so now you know the face that goes with the voice you will be hearing from...




Babatunde was conceived in tough and trying times. The brainchild of a Fashion Stylist and Traveler, Babatunde looks at embracing what is truly African and promoting strong family values. The word Babatunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name. Translated the word means "the father returns". We at Babatunde urge the fathers to return to Africa. Men, behave like men - accept responsibility and accountability for yourselves. Nurture and be there for your families. Women - accept nothing less! All of the head-wear is made in Johannesburg South Africa from African fabrics. Proudly African!

For further information
please call +27 82 818 9018 or email us: info@babatundestyles.com

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