27 Mar 2012

FASHION:- The Janet Mbugua Collection Launch (Wambui Mukenyi) *Who wore What*

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Hi Everyone, How is it going??
Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am currently held up with traveling, fashion magazines back in London wanting my skills and interviewing me here and there plus my Job God *chokes thyself* anyhu at the moment and its rather crazy. Anyhow back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED
At the moment,....
the Kenyan fashion industry is budding, there are loads of talented designers and lots of potential for development. In the quest to accelerate this trend..........................
On Friday the 23rd of March, all Roads led to the hall Of Kenya at the Museum Hill.
Citizen TV News anchor Janet Mbugua Was Launching her Official collection in collaboration with Designer, Wambui mukenyi.
The turn out Was amazing, from all The Fashion gurus in Town to the different Dignitaries to some yes some we all know them, It Was A spectacular night i must say
The Designs Were Good, given That Janet herself Did the Designs and choosing of the Fabrics together with Wambui  (the awesome female designer in Nairobi who's the talk of the town now).

People did Dress up To the event, and the photos can tell it all.  have a look at them and feel free to leave your comment on who caught your eye the most.. enjoy Braaap! Braaap!

Photos by Leon Muli/COURTESY of Nancy Mwai & Frankie


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