9 Mar 2012


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Hey FASHION-ED people Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am busy traveling around Africa at the moment and its rather crazy. #thisShitCraaaay
Anyway, International Women's Day was here and already passed hope y'all showed your women some love,
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Anyhu back to matters of the heart, body, soul and mind FASHION-ED this whole week I'll be definitely talking much about the Ankara African prints Yes i have said it coz im so obsessed with the prints anyway without further or do
let me go straight to today's topic of  BANGILI JANGILI 


Far from home in Africa and into the land down under, you will find a little jewel labeled Bangili Jangili. A fresh fashion pearl that brings two emerging self-taught Kenyan designers - Winnie Wesaala and Naomi Kiarie to the community. Based in Sydney, Bangili Jangili are walking an exciting and colorful line of contemporary African accessories, bringing together rich elegance, fun patterns, super bright colors and an ingenious use of African fabric and other exciting materials to create an exotic yet chic look…. a look you will not find as easily across the globe. “Out of a bubbling desire to create a blend of timeless and meaningful trend, a true signature has been born!” Naomi... "It may have well started with inspiration from my fashionably inclined darling mother, a business woman based in Kenya selling pre-loved and brand new luxury fashion and designer brands of clothing and accessories from all over Europe, America and Australia. Back home in Kenya, it was nearly impossible to find stylish yet affordable fashion,

I enjoyed searching through mum’s collections looking for items that I could mix and match to ensure I had a comfortable but stylish wardrobe and I guess you could say that’s how my obsession with fashion began.... ...being an accessories junkie, I figured out I was getting tired of buying accessories from my usual favourite high street fashion stores only to discover that every woman I met was wearing exactly the same pieces. So! I met Winnie in Australia whom I realised we shared the same principals and ideas when it came to fashion.... We discussed the possibility of designing a unique line of accessories that combined elegance with African inspired styles, history and culture and Bangili Jangili was born!" Winnie... "My love of fashion began as a young girl growing up in Kenya. After high school, I considered designing but I guess could not convince my parents to allow me to pursue this sort of career especially in Africa where fashion designers were not recognized at the time. My passion for fashion never stopped though. I worked with what I had; my own wardrobe. I endeavored to make ordinary and inexpensive clothes look beautiful. I played a lot with color, mixed and matched outfits, originated more than one way of wearing my outfits; basically anything worked. But what I realized I did best was accessorise, accessorise, accessorise hence the name Bangili Jangili (both Swahili names for bangle).

I wore my accessories like make-up and found that this spiced up the look of any outfit... ...upon migrating to Australia in 2005, a few times I contemplated making my childhood dream a reality but was just not sure where to start. I started a few projects only to drop them shortly after. Naomi and I crossed path a few times, shared ideas and we finally discussed the possibility of starting our own label. To preserve our heritage and still be able to express our love and appreciation for the western style,we both longed to design a line of contemporary accessories with an African edge to it and Bangili Jangili it was!"

so here are the Bangili Jangili collection photos
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