23 Mar 2012

FASHION SUMMER :- Meltin'Pot, Spring/Summer 2012

marvin saidi | 09:11 |
 Olla my Hombre's how are this fine Friday?? to my Muslim Bruvs and Sisters Jumaa Kareem and Christians Thank god for this gorgeous day he has allowed you to wake up, breathe and live :). anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED *chulala fashions motto* so we all know we are in summer break now and how can i not post about the awesome Spring/summer collections??? by the name .....
Meltin'Pot is not for those just dreaming, but for those living their dreams of fashion , for those who choose the left rather than the right, the exit rather than the entrance, the backstage instead of the catwalk."
Throughout its history, which spans the golden years of Italian manufacturing to present day, Meltin'Pot has exhibited impassioned creativity, high style and a commitment to quality materials and expert fits. Founded in 1967 by Cosimo Romano, the label initially brought together a group of artisans to create specialized workwear clothing. Building upon America's easy-to-wear trend, the Italian design collective was tapping into an emerging youth style movement, forging a new look that would define pop culture throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and of currently today.

Wherever you are, no matter the weather or what part of the world you live in, the summer mindset is within you. It’s like rediscovering your sun kissed pictures from last summer, and reliving those moments amongst like minded friends. You’re instantly filled with the fun, joy and laughter of those moments. Your free spirit takes over, and you’re ready to take the world by storm.


  1. Passion for fashion is the craze for youngsters. The youth are enthusiastic to adopt various fashion. Keep up such good work in the further post too.


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