10 Mar 2012


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Hey ya everyone! This week went pretty fast! I aint complaining, am just saying... I can't believe it's Sunday already....
Want to get your 'fashion fab' on this weekend???? well.. yesterday there was an event called Nairobi Fashion Market i informed you about actually happened yesterday and i will be posting what went down probably tomorrow anyhu back to......................

Matters of the heart, body, and soul FASHION-ED *motto* today im to tell you about this new actually she's not new anyhu she can def geerrrrit!! she's so on point i mean beautiful and she can truly design stuff so without further or do let me get straight to her profile

Ariike Alden, now more than ever, compensates for this with its authentic and eclectic range of classic but quirky and unique attire by using the richness and spirit of vibrant oriental, African and Asian materials.

Ariike Alden offers the individual the opportunity to adopt and indulge in something old, new and different; you will always find something distinctive and a little bit unusual. The classic woman will have a little black dress, a string of pearls and ladylike, borderline preppy garments that express her desire to be elegant, neat and in control. This is what “Ariike Alden” represents. This is the standard formal look for women at all social levels. It is Acceptable, Affordable and Accessible to all.

She started designing from the age of 13, when she started her GCSE in textiles in my high school in London. From a very young age, fashion has always been a part of her. She couldn’t be a model, but she knew what good clothes were. So from that age on she pursued fashion as an interest and hobby; something she did very quietly, because she didn’t know how people would react to her styles.she uses African prints and fabric because she's an African. Born and raised and she loves her  culture and she celebrated it through her designs

Ariike Alden was born and partially raised in Achimota, Accra. Who went on to live and study in London and also the United States. Fashion has always been a part of Ariike. Simply known as a simple, classy and bright young lady, Ariike is a unique up and coming African designer.


  1. Love these so much xxxAfeeyahxxx

  2. These dresses are so pretty!


  3. hey dear love ur look... nice shirt... nice blog dear, chk my blog if u lik mine too may be we can follow each other http://lets-doll-up.blogspot.com/

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