15 Aug 2012

SHOES:- Mens Dress Shoes by (goodbye folk)

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 Hey Everyone!!!! Hows your Wednesday?  this week  I won’t lie, my week is already hectic and long! Lots and lots of work...Seriously, Thank God its Wednesday tho'! Its time for some chulala fashions mid-week luv....You know you are on to something when your first thoughts are, … ”OMG! I have to have that shoe!!!” I stumbled upon good bye folk shoes during my usual rounds at Bristol and was smitten by these stunning mens flat shoes actually the owner told me they are unisex :(. I think they cut to the chase.  
have a look and tell me what you think about them

Let's Go!!! 

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  2. Those shoes are fine!! On sale??

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  4. Love the shoes, especially the second one really amazing look, thanks for sharing.

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