9 Aug 2012

Exclusive Interview With :- Emo Rugune the new Face of the Fashion World

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No runway is complete without the models that give real life to the beautiful designs and outfits by the awesome designers. African models continue to set a standard on international runways and set the pace for other models to follow *Tru dat*.  From his amazing personality, graceful and unique walk, Emo Rugune is yet to become the favorite of many in the fashion industry in Nairobi and soon the diaspora. He has walked for top designers such as in country so far e.g Nick e.t.c. He has also graced the covers of top media publications.
Besides the fashion shows and the glam connected to them, Emo shows his other side by giving back to his community at the Ogwellah Foundation.  Talk about a model with a difference.

He will give us insight into his modeling career, his new Shoe Line totally the talk of town of late by the name AFROS and opinion about the African fashion industry.
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Get to know  Emo Rugune

Chulala Fashions:- Tell us a little bit about yourself..
Emo:-  My name is Emo Rugene and I am a model,  designer, brand ambassador and most of all lover of life.

Chulala Fashions:- how would you describe yourself to people who don't know you?yourself..
Emo:-  I would describe myself as an optimist and a jovial person. I take things as they come and embrace positivity in everything I do.

Chulala Fashions:- How did your modeling career begin and why modeling?
Emo:-  My modeling carrier began in 2009 but at that time I did not make much of an impact. I did a shoot for Adam magazine and that was it. However it was rejuvenated when I did two runway shows in Amsterdam late last year, and I love modeling because fashion is my passion and by using my body as a canvass for displaying people's designs I'm contributing to the growth of the industry.

Chulala Fashions:- Tell us a little about your new shoe line ...
Emo:-  My shoe line is called Afros and its an abbreviation for African slippers. They are shoes made from ankara fabric and they are designed for people who want to stand out.

Chulala Fashions:- Do you think African fashion is evolving more towards the western style and trends?
Emo:-  Yes I do think African fabric is evolving towards the western style, and to me I think this has both positive and negative connotations. Positive because by evolving the African designers get more market and hence more sales. Negative because by evolving African designers will loose theirnIdentity as Africans

Chulala Fashions:- Which celebrity styles inspire you?
Emo:-  I love how Travis McCoy dresses because he is simple but really classy, pharel Williams, John legend are also good dressers. But I'm mostly inspired by bloggers.

Chulala Fashions:- I noticed you always have a lot of positive energy. Where does it come from? Who or what inspires you?
Emo:-  I'm a positive guy, I noticed that when negative you can never achieve anything you set your mind to. So with that I live with a smile on my face, my mum is my pillar of strength coz she is the one who got me where I am today.

Chulala Fashions:- What has been your most fulfilling achievement as a model? What are your future career goals?
Emo:-  As a model getting the chance to mideast in Amsterdam is something I will cherish for a while. My future career goals are to become a household name not only locally but also internationally.

Chulala Fashions:- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Emo:-  In 5 years I see my brand Afros as one of the biggest brands in Africa and I will be a supermodel.

Chulala Fashions:- What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced as a model so far?
Emo:-  So far as a model, what I think has been my biggest challenge was acceptance, at the beginning people used to think I was too tall and skinny but now all that has changed.

Chulala Fashions:- Most people believe that African models/designers are not well recognized for their work. What are your thoughts about this and what do you suggest can be done to change this issue?
Emo:-  Yeah that is true, African designers and models are not that renowned but this is slowly changing coz people are realizing that Africa is the future.More shows should be organized in Africa so as to showcase what we have to offer.
Chulala Fashions:- If you could give one bit of advice to aspiring models, what would it be?
Emo:-  What I'd tell any aspiring models is never to give up and chase their dreams.

Chulala Fashions:- Who are your role models in the industry? Are there any models who you look up to?
Emo:-  My role model in the industry is Tyson Beck-ford coz he has been so consistent.

Chulala Fashions:- As a dark-skinned, African model; do you feel as though your success has helped to break down any barriers in the modeling industry?
Emo:I think that my success will inspire dark skinned models to try and further their careers and realize that black is indeed beautiful.
Chulala Fashions:- What advice would you give to the young upcoming models today?
Emo:-   I advice young models to never get tired of auditioning coz nothing comes easy
To find out about Emo you can follow him on twitter @rugeneemo or read his blog findingemor@blogspot.com


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  1. emo rugene the first kenyan male supermodel coming soon...big up bro!


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