10 Aug 2012

AFRICAN PRINTS:- Nelson Mandela's Brand 46664

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SO I've fallen dangerously in love with 12 different ladies, yep you heard me right 12 different ladies, but before you call me a slut/man hoe whatever, i mean musically. Here are the 12 ladies that made music in 2012 extra special (With a song i love from each of em, LISTEN and fall in love :-)  but before i tell you more about my 12 ladies today I'm yet to tell you about the South African brand by the name of Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela, former prisoner, freedom-fighter and President of South Africa, started his own fashion label 46664, which is also the name of his N.G.O. The name is a combination of his prison number and the year he was incarcerated, yeaaah! Buddy!

I have to admit, that Nelson Mandela and fashion seemed liked an unlikely combination to me at first i know to you also. But hey to quote from the 46664 website: "
We ourselves were branded in prison. Who would have imagined that this once negative number could one day be a brand that instead celebrates beauty?" 
So now fashionistas/nistos can wear great outfits, support a good cause with the purchase and become a narrator of the brand's story. That's what I call Feel-Good Fashion! Nelson Mandela's label
46664  just recently announced the launch in the US for spring 2013. The collection will also show at NY Fashion Week in September. Quite a success for a brand that just started last year. They almost look like pieces of art and I like the pics for the menswear best 

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