6 Aug 2012

COMING SOON THIS WEEK:- Exclusive Interview With :- Designer Nick Ondu the talk of town ANKARA VINTAGE

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Hello fashion lovers?? hope your new Month/ week is great so far so good and your giving thanks to the almighty god/Allah for waking  you up anyhu today its all about Africa and its newest faces in fashion, Modeling, designers e.t.c so sit baaaackk *inserts Jeff Koinages Voice* and relax as i inform you day by day about the different faces in Africa, East Africa e.t.c.
..Like the saying goes, fashion passes but style remains. Kenyan ladies (and gents) have always been fashionable but today, fashion in Kenya is increasingly becoming a fore-front for our culture and the country and this in turn spells out style.

With kenya designer's becoming more internationally renowned, fashion weeks like the FAFA, TRENDS KENYA FASHION EXPO, EAD and FAB (aka the Fashion AND BEAUTY EXPO)


Nick was brought up around bold colors and prints and that’s where he drew his inspiration from, and from his mom for being a true African lady with an affinity for African fashion. Nick’s designs brings out the African feel and twits to modern designs that are chic. Nick designs for both men and women but recently he has been designing more for men. As an emerging Kenyan designer he chose to design mostly for men because men haven’t been considered much by many established and emerging designers. Nick’s designs mostly entail custom made designs because he believes in giving each piece a feel of individualism and stand out apple.  As the theme for this year’s FAFA emerging designers goes (rebrandingAfrica), Nick’s collection is named (rebirth collection). He chose to call it the rebirth collection because he wanted to bring back color into African men’s fashion.

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