20 Aug 2012

New Collection: by Eskado Bird SS2012 WYF? (What’s Your Freedom) , (Tanzania, London based)

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Hey hombres, how was/is your Monday  so far? For me its actually kinda nice coz its a holiday in my country Kenya (Eid Mubarak Holiday for my fellow Muslim bros and sisters), I love being a fashionisto, coz  there are totally NO RULES per-say , and i mean NONE! personaly i think that dressing up is an Art that many people take for granted and some lack. We wear what, when and how we want!! anytime we want it, Some might think your outfit looks like a HOT MESS, but someone of us who actually understand FASHION and where your coming from Fashion wise will definitely ..................
think its fabulous  #POW!!.
 Anyhu back to the matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED  today .....
 i get to inform you about Designer: Eskado Bird (Tanzania, London based)

Award winning Eskado Bird is a Tanzanian and London based luxury men’s and women's fashion brand. Starting out with a Kitenge fabric dress, the label has now developed into a range of luxury women’s and men's clothing. There are two lines that make up Eskado Bird, EB by Eskado Bird and Eskado Bird. Eskado Bird which contains high-end often handmade apparel, jewellery and handbags. This line is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail.

Meanwhile EB by Eskado Bird is a slightly more casual clothing line that follows an urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow them. This line reflects a modern African culture. We infuse a modern and distinct twist into the use of traditional African print – Kitenge and Khanga. EB by Eskado Bird trademarks include extravagantly printed shorts, oversized swinging pockets, fabric layering, linen shirts, as well as EB by Eskado Bird print shirts providing informal high-end clothing designed toward younger more fashioned people. This line is distributed through a few boutiques in East Africa. It is readily available and comparably affordable.

The true essence of the label stretches beyond mere clothing. After almost a year in the industry, the label is creating a strong presence for itself. Eskado Bird has recently expanded into designing leather handbags, these unique pieces carry on the theme of fusing together the traditional with the modern in its clever use of leather and accessorized African charms.


PHOTOGRAPHY:Ben Kiruthi & Samir Khan
STYLIST: Eskado Bird
MODELS: Strut It Afrika
Moses Rnaze Mukiibi
Joseph David Kimeu
Ajok Kuol Manyang
FREELANCE MODEL: Odupoy Charity Namnyakova

This collection is available to the general public in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Call +255 765 507 477. London distribution.... tbc


  1. Ooh wow! Thanks for bringing this brand to my attention, the print shirts are gorge. I am a London based fashion blogger, do you know if/where they are retailing in London?

    1. i'll confirm tht 4u n get bk 2u in the mrng


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