17 Feb 2012

NICE LOOK: man-look

marvin saidi | 01:52 |
I’ve decided to start blogging full force again 24/7. Fashion and lifestyle are the two main-subjects on this blog as you all know and I will post everything from my own outfits to different types of guides how to and how to not wear outfits ( of course the opinions are my own, but they are based on what I see, like, love  and read on different fashion magazines and fashion shows). oh!! my bad HALLO
I can’t promise that I’m going to post my outfits everyday coz my camera got jacked 2days ago , So if you want to read more about me or see more of me, tell your friends to check my blog out ;) by the way
Perhaps I should introduce myself for those who are new , I’m a 20 year old guy from Kenya but lives/studies in the U.K . Fashion is a very big part of my life, and has been a long time now.  but remember, more readers more pictures! :)


  1. Oooh so stylish!!


  2. Wow! I seriously love your work Marvin. * Hats off*

  3. @R yeh! Bruv and much more to come ths year im talking videos

  4. @Chelski hahaha Wow!! Thankx i appreciate n thnk u 4 coming thru n readn my blog


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