13 Feb 2012


marvin saidi | 23:38 |
Hey everyone!!!What’s good? Hope your weekend went well. Mine was really good! I went to some very awesome events from fashion, house/trance, photo shoots and DANG!!!…blissful!
Plus one of my long time ago friends was around so that was really cool she has become really sexy with that BAM a** Anyways, with valentines upon us today I know its usually a Thursday/friday thing but this year its on a tuesday gosh!!
anyhu I'd like to give Special thanks to Grace Makosewe,

Nairobi VIP Parties. for her event which went down in the weekend FASHION HIGH TEA of-course there was no tea..its an event which was made by her to gather fashion lovers, designers, and more fashioners together in a place and let them buy, shop for locally made designers by the locally based designers e.t.c

The previous Fashion High Tea event boasts rave reviews on pizzazz, style and execution. It had a sell‐outcrowd consisting of high profile guests and personalities. The event received extensive media coverage both locally and abroad. The support and sponsorship from top class brands such as Moet et Chandon, PZCussons, KISS FM, XFM, True Love Magazine, KWV, Aquamist, Ramco Group, Wines of The World, Eat Out & Infinite Planners was tremendous. Following in the footsteps of the previous event, we expect to make the Fashion High Tea 2012 the hottest fashion ticket in town. Expect to be wowed!

The annual Fashion High Tea event is hosted to support various charitable causes. The 2011 High Tea event raised 360,000/‐ for new mothers at Pumwani Maternity Hospital who were not allowed to leave the hospital unless their bills were cleared. We paid hospital bills for 24 women and gave each of them a care package containing bus fare and items for mother and baby donated by Kenpoly & PZ Cussons, to help them on their journey with their new born babies.

Proceeds from the 2012 High Tea Event will go towards supporting children suffering from cancer.
The Fashion High Tea is a very high profile event that we have put together for the upwardly mobile discerning professional, to indulge in their favorite pastimes, i.e. fashion, shopping and socializing while indulging in luxury and sophistication atmosphere.

The Fashion High Tea experience and ambiance is a sophisticated grand affair. Guests are treated to an evening of great entertainment on the Zen Garden lawn, and exquisite fashion show by top class fashion designers. The shopping experience in the Mini Boutiques section is unmatched. Expect an array of top fashion brands and boutiques selling garments, shoes, accessories and jewelry. And lastly, we do not let our guests leave without taking home some free goodies.

anyhu here are the photos of what down on that day do enjoy and give credit where its due thanks

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