2 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone! So how was your week so far? Mine is alright but I cant even remember most of it because it feels sooooo distant to end already.
Anyways, back to matters of the heart, body,mind ad soul FASHION-ED for those who are new to my blog this line right there is my fashion *motto* you better get familiar when you in this site ha ha joking....
Fashion and Music was in the air as fabulously dressed folks gathered for the biggest fashion show of the year. The Runway,
a Fashion and Music event took place on Friday, at the spacious and palatial grounds of This day Dome. The event promised to present the finest in fashion design, with interjections of musical performances from a few of Nigeria’s hottest artists. Guests enjoyed Hors d’oeuvres and champagne while watching the models strut on the runway, showcasing the collections from selected designers.

Designer, Wanger Ayu debuts label, Wanger Ayu
 anyhu enjoy the collection/photos and feel free to leave a comment

The event was an impressive combination of eclectic, luxury and sophistication, making for an applaudable debut edition for The Runway team, featuring both seasoned and up and coming designers. The designers included Berry’s Couture, Dzyn, E4MA, Hayah: True Religion Collection, House of Silk, Maya Couture, Wanger Ayu, Reedas, Ressurection and Vodi. The Black Carpet was hosted by Denrele and then joined by Dooshima Dabo'Adzuana (Kiss FM), in presenting the entire show. Musical performances from Ochuko, Addiction, Wizkid, Kas Fimile, Ice Prince and Brymo made for a very exciting and upbeat show.

Tinuola Oluleye in Prima Rouge, spotting a JamesLULLY bag
Hanne Kachalla and Neya Uzor-Kalu

Models get ready backstage


  1. My week is going fine. I have my first driving lesson tomorrow though so it could end there.

  2. Great clothes and beautiful women!

  3. hi marvin. did you take these photographs? there are some great style images. :)

  4. Hey Marvin! thank you so much for visiting my blog! Yours is great! Love the pics from the fashion show...some incredible designs...colors...wow! Will definitely be following!
    XO Carrie

  5. @Mark thts gud stuff bro ryt? Ooh! Hw i remb my instructor *hawt * wth perfect dimples

  6. @R tru dart bro TRU DART! The woman 1st wow! *boner* haha

  7. @Teddi teddy thnx CHULALA FASHIONS z al abt gr8ness everythng gr8 n perfect

  8. @Carrie thnx CARRIE much appreciation Xoxo


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