8 Feb 2012

GLITS N THINGS -: West African Launch (by Editalo)

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American based fashion label Editalo, launched their second collection Glitz N Things at the Scarlet Lodge, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday, 21st May 2010. Guests were treated to preview of gorgeous pieces, courtesy of the label's Creative Designer, Olatide Adeniyi. Where Tide launched her first collection in her city of residence, Maryland USA, she made a big decision to reveal and officially launch her sophomore collection in Lagos, Nigeria. This move was partly influenced by the recent Arise Magazine Fashion Week. The young designer, who is totally self-taught was inspired by the internationally acclaimed work of some Nigerian designers and felt the need to explore the possibilities of reaching out to the Nigerian market.

Glitz N Things, as the name implies, is inspired by all things that glitter. Tide infuses femininity and sparkle using brocade, tulle and bejeweled African print fabric, to create ready-to-wear pieces. Here are some of the designs showcased.



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