4 Feb 2012

HIGH STREET FASHION:- "EsOsa" Fashion 4the Workplace

marvin saidi | 03:16 |
 HEY  LOVELIES Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am so caught up organizing a huge event actually not event but events for this month of Feb in Nairobi, Kenya at the moment and its rather crazy ohh!!! very crazy i tell God.. Anyways, with FASHION HIGH TEA coming up soon, there are loads of events from kenya to London  and everywhere in between...WOW!!!......

So back to matters of  THE HEART, BODY,MIND AND SOUL FASHIONED-ED ,Creating a perfect blend between fashionable and professional may seem a bit daunting. Let your style shine in the workplace and check out these fabulous wares from high street female brand “EsOsa”. God is she Good

EsOsa caters to all your corporate needs i mean all , by focusing on work wear, casual and nighttime apparels, all locally produced! it's trendy and affordable, catering to all female sizes.i mean ALL HEHE!!

And to top it off check out the level of hotness the chicks-in this shoots are *boner* ha-ha!!! if you are a female, or you are a dude who wants to buy your chick something great and [perfect then why waste time and money in buying the same all shit!! people buy in the mall while you can just order your own custom made dress,skirt,jumpsuit to fit you in that event,dinner or occasion your to attend
 I so don't want to talk much because y'all know how much i can talk if i start so ill just let you check out her work and the photos and of course if your a dude like me check out the ladies and the sexy legs *drooooooooooooling*


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