16 Feb 2012

Trend Look: Professor look

marvin saidi | 04:49 |
Hey lovelies Believe it or not, your geography/math/english teacher was cool. and any other middle-aged teacher. that university professor look is an image to be reckoned with.
Fashion headmasters Gucci, Lavin, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli have all
embraced and modernized familiar 1970s tailoring recently, whilst the high street has supplemented this with certain lecturer-esque features that are no longer limited to dusty classrooms and fusty offices. There’s nothing wrong with a little vintage back-catalog for some style inspiration, and therein lies the key to striking that fine balance between on-trend modern and simple fancy dress territory – don’t go overboard. 

 Get The Look
Textures and materials are extremely prominent this season, with large-lapel suits constructed of velvet, tweed and wool. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fabrics normally associated with Austin Powers – a sprinkling of those mentioned is fine, but like most things considered statement, do so in moderation. A three-piece maroon velvet suit is a very difficult look for even the coolest of our kind to pull off; use old academics as style encouragement as opposed to sheer mimicry.
As for colour, stick to the darker shades. Mustard, navy, grey, brown and especially burnt orange (very popular this season) are fantastic for bringing in a little vibrancy in these chillier months without pushing the summer-associated boundaries.

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