4 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on my firstguest blogger post  MIKKI STARDUST in the 2days last post. Its much appreciated! xoxo
At the moment, im yet again on to another guest blogger very talented her name is.... *drum rolls* .....
IQUIRA (KENYA) , there are loads of  designers and lots of stuff she has done over the years from bead making,reckless and more . and her first opening sale is this year Feb so you got to support my lovely gal pal buy buying her stuff online pronto
HERE  goes her post on my blog ....

Hello again, iQuira here!

The last time I was here, many of you asked where you can get my stuff! Well, worry no more, because apart from an online shop at www.iquira.kbo.co.ke , I have two new physical locations for my jewelry. The first is at closet 49, off Ngong road.  

Besides supporting local jewelry designers, Closet 49 sell great clothes, bags, shoes all vintage and trendy, so feel free to visit them and give your wardrobe that face lift it may be in need of!
Below is the location of the Closet 49 shop on Ngong road. 

 For more outfits like the one below, visit the closet 49 facebook page to see whats available.

In addition, my pieces will be available for sale at Black Butterfly Hair Salon in Viking House Westlands every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm! My first sale is this Saturday the 4th of February so if you are in the Westlands area, pass by for unique, affordable jewelry. In case you are wondering, Viking house is right next to the big westlands bus stop, same place as Faugo Gaucho restaurant. 

Hope to see you as many of you there. Thanks again for appreciating iQuira!
Kind regards,

Wangari Kariuki

0721/0734 - 480 999


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